Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Tinnitus Update

Lisa and I went to see her doctor and audiologist today. For the first time in months, the news is not all-bad, although it's not especially good, either. Lisa has not lost any more hearing in her affected ear, and has actually recovered just a tiny bit of it at the low and high ends. The audiologist, a very pleasant fellow named Tim who Lisa has come to like a lot, has been doing additional research. He suggest trying a hearing aid in that ear. The doctor agrees, and says that we're running out of options. He could order a bunch of lab tests for amazingly unlikely things, but even if one of those turns up, it doesn't really show a treatment path, just a description of the problem. So we've made an appointment for Lisa to go see the audiologist just after she gets back from Westercon, with the hope being that she'll have a hearing aid that will help before we head for Montreal. Fingers crossed.
Tags: lisa, tinnitus

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