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One Way to Deal With a Problem

Yesterday in the Con Suite, our conversations were disturbed by the smoke alarm, which at approximately ten-minute intervals began to sound for a couple of seconds. Linda Deneroff took the initiative and called the front desk to ask them to do something about it. Presently, a maintenance man arrived and examined the alarm. "Nobody is sleeping in this room, right?" he asked, and we we confirmed that, he simply yanked the thing out of the wall and left. Hey, the hotel closes in four days; they'll never rent that room again, so why bother fixing it?

The 24 hours of internet connectivity I bought runs out in less than an hour, so this is probably my last post before the Survivors' Brunch and check-out, etc. I intend to ask for a delayed check-out, but don't expect that to be a issue this week. There are also two earlier flights to Oakland this afternoon, so I hope there's a chance I can get on one of them.

Alas, after that monster blood sugar spike last night (and a 117 this morning, which is still high although not as bad), I can't approach the Brunch as a challenge. I don't know if I'll have time to get in a walk afterwards, although of course if I go to the airport and cannot get on an earlier flight, I'll have plenty of time to examine the halls there.
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