Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I tried scheduling a periodic check-up with my doctor. Because my diabetes is under good control, he told me not to come back for six months (instead of three) after my last appointment, but his office won't schedule appointments more than three months in advance. So yesterday I put in the appointment request for late August. His office came back with a reply scheduling me for an appointment this Wednesday. Well, that would have grouped medical things together (I have a dentist appointment to have a cracked tooth capped tomorrow), but wasn't what I requested, so I wrote back and asked for "late August." The reply came with an appointment for August 5. I'll be on a train between Schenectady and Montreal that day. Looking more closely at my original schedule request, I realized that I'd put the wrong month in the request anyway. I wrote again and said, more carefully, "Something between August 24 and 28, please."
Tags: diabetes, medical

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