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This Dog is Dead

After dinner, Lisa and I went up to the Con Suite where the (or at least a) Dead Dog Party was going on. I spent the next 2-3 hours there talking with people, but about 11:30 I started nodding off and told Lisa, who was still enjoying herself, that I'd head on in.

Tom Veal has written a nice (and I think fair) report on CascadiaCon on his Stromata Blog, including praise for the convention newsletter, Fax Cascadia. Editor R’ykandar (Dara) Korra’ti came by the Con Suite on her way home, and I passed on both Tom's praise and my own. I've done newsletters at five conventions (two SiliCons, two BayCons, and an OryCon), and I know how much work it is. I think Dara and her team hit just the right balance of information and entertainment. I gave her a hug and told her that I thought she did great, and that it was a Worldcon-class effort and execution. Tom mentioned that Dara "ought to be conscripted for Worldcon publications." Actually, she has been, as she was one of the staff at Noreascon 4. Dara protests that she's a "one trick pony," but there's nothing wrong with doing a particular job very well.

Tom also observes, I think rightly, that regarding the overall running of the convention, there was "grumbling ... from people who are perhaps too close to con operations to have real perspective." The convention was not perfect, and I've commented on some of the things I've heard people say, and as Tom said, they were perhaps a bit ambitious. But the convention appears to be able to meet its bills, and a lot of people enjoyed themselves. I think congratulations are in order; possibly this is the foundation of a future greater effort for at least this branch of Seattle fandom.

And so I'm off to bed, and back to the Bay Area tomorrow, Alaska Airlines willing.
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