Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Kuma Bear Says, "It's Too Hot!"

Lisa left me a message last night -- it's almost impossible for me to answer my mobile phone before it rolls away to voicemail unless the phone is in my hand -- with her current status. She went to Las Vegas and spent some of the day there yesterday (taking the opportunity to spend time in air-conditioned spaces), and was heading south and east to Arizona, where she would pick a place to stop for the night.

Lisa reports that she had a near-disaster with the pickup truck. While driving through a parking lot's speed bumps, the motor died. Upon investigation, Lisa found that the distributor rotor had been jarred loose. She had a spare distributor -- the one previously-installed, for which the now-broken one was the replacement -- and was able to get moving again. She said she'd try and pick up a new distributor on Wednesday, because she didn't like running without a spare.

She also told me that she had wanted to stop and take a picture of the slot-machine-themed Las Vegas Fry's Electronics, but they closed (and turned off the lights) a few minutes before she got there.

Lisa reports that Kuma Bear is complaining of the heat and would rather be by a cool mountain stream playing Salmon Keno. No, she doesn't know exactly what that is, either.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa

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