Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

San Jose Wins 2011 Westercon

San Jose received 79 of the 93 votes cast in the 2011 Westercon Site Selection (the remainder spread over a raft of write-ins, None of the Above, and No Preference) and will host Westercon 64, July 1-4, 2011, at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California. (Those who attended ConJose will remember this as the 2002 Worldcon's headquarters hotel.)

Guests of Honor are Patricia A. McKillip, Kaja & Phil Foglio, and Mike Willmoth. Convention Chair is Glenn Glazer.

Membership is $45 if you neither voted in Westercon Site Selection or pre-supported the SJ2011 Westercon bid. Discounts apply to those who voted/pre-supported.

More details, including online registration, will be available in a day or two on the convention's web site,
Tags: westercon
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