Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Busy Busy Day

Besides the Business Meeting, I was on two panels today. The first was about "Gafiation" (Getting Away From It All, or dropping out of fandom) and the second about "Is This Your First Con?" I was a bit disappointed that only four people total turned up for the latter, only two of whom were at their first convention.

Besides the panels and BM, I had the SJ2011 and Anticipation tables at which to try and spend some time, and, oh, yes, Lisa and I had a full 45 minutes to actually look at the dealers room and art show. We were in our complimentary WSFS uniforms, and Lisa was wearing the jet-pack with the "Bear-o-Metric" chamber that included Kuma Bear in his WSFS shirt. As is common, there were many people enthusing over the jet-pack and particularly making much of Bear.

We were at the fan tables until 7, at which point I went off with Glenn Glazer and the Site Selection team led by sfrose. They counted ballots while I set up a spreadsheet to capture the results. Once we were all certain of the results, Sharon certified them and handed the site selection funds to Glenn Glazer, I posted the announcement that SJ2011 had won (no real surprise, of course) to Twitter, and I e-mailed the results to the convention newsletter for publication in Saturday morning's newsletter.

Because of the decisions of Friday's Business Meeting and because there was a definitive winner other than None of the Above in the voting, there will be no Saturday meeting. That takes some of the load off of me, because we're not committed to opening to sell memberships until Noon Saturday.

Having dealt with the election, I went back to Fan Tables where Lisa had been patiently waiting, and we helped Glenn carry the SJ2011 gear up to his room. He started keying the results into his computer, and Lisa and I went to have dinner.

We've eaten three times at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, a local chain, and we've had the same thing at every meal -- Athenian Spaghetti (spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, and feta cheese), Lisa with shrimp and me with Greek sausage -- because we like it and it's easy to decide. And it isn't even affecting my blood sugar adversely.

Yes, we walked the couple of blocks from the hotel in our WSFS uniforms. We got the odd look or two. Hard to say what people were making of us.

Returning to the hotel after dinner, we took downstairs the Westercon 64 banner and Conversion Rates banner that I'd printed last week and that Lisa had carried here in her pickup truck. There, we placed the banners at what had been our bid table and what will be our convention table in a few hours.

Business done, we were finally able to spend a couple of hours going around to the var/ious parties, but we headed back to the room by Midnight. At first we thought we needed to go out to get fresh milk, but the ice in the cooler has held the milk we purchased earlier, so instead we turned in for the night. And now I'm going to fall into bed and not worry about getting up especially early.

We have more photos, but again, not time to post them, not without sacrificing even more sleep.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa, westercon

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