Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

If They Pay the Claim, I'll Feel Better

Having completed the most pressing business from work and having been told I could go home when I wanted, I took care of some personal business: prepaing the insurance claim for the extra days in Tempe. Although the AAA trip-interruption insurance won't cover the roughly $1700 in car-repair bills of course, it's supposed to cover up to $1000 in out-of-pocket additional expenses incurred because of such an event.

After going through my receipts and notes, and including things like the airline ticket change fees and the additional hotel nights, the total claim comes to $925.22, and I'll send it off to the insurance company on my way home. If I'm really lucky, they'll pay before the credit card bills are due next month. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile: Lisa left for Oregon late this morning and expects to be home sometime tomorrow. She was very releived to get out of the desert and into cool Bay Area weather. She and Kuma Bear have had quite enough unpleasant adventures for this trip.

In a few minutes I'm heading home, where me and my pillow are going to get re-aquainted with each other.
Tags: lisa, travel

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