Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Via Rail Strike

Several people have helpfully contacted me to tell me of the pending strike on Via Rail Canada. Although Via, Canada's national passenger railway operator, is preemptively canceling trains, it is unclear what effect this would have on the Amtrak service on the Adirondack between Rouses Point NY and Montreal. That train does not carry passengers between stops in Canada, and I don't know if it is operated by Via Rail engineers or not. Amtrak's web site has nothing about the situation yet, and I don't have time to call and bug Amtrak about it yet. At the moment, I'm hoping that (a) the strike, if it happens, is short and resolved by next week and (b) that my train isn't affected due to being operated by Amtrak rather than Via.
Tags: trains, worldcon

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