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On the Road Again

Within about ten minutes, I should be packed up and heading out again, roughly an hour later than originally scheduled, but that's in keeping with the intention of taking it slightly easier today than yesterday.

This was my first stay at this particular (relatively new) Holiday Inn Express. It's doubly new because they opened it and then were almost immediately hit by the Holiday Inn Refurbishment/Rebranding Program. It's a nice enough hotel, with a clean, comfortable, large room. I would have used the pool last night but they didn't have a hot tub, and soaking in the hot tub was all I really wanted to do to get the cramp out of my legs from sitting for most of nine hours driving.

About 300 miles to Mehama. Going to be a hot day and a hot coming week out there. Glad I brought my sunscreen.
Tags: hotels, travel

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