Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Travel Plans

For my own information and for anyone trying to keep track of me for the next three weeks, here are my travel plans, particularly the train trips.

Wed 29 Jul
Lv Salem OR 3:37 PM Amtrak 11 Coast Starlight

Thu 30 Jul
Ar Emeryville CA 8:20 AM
I'll be in my office in San Mateo working later this day. This is nearly the last chance to reliably reach me by e-mail before the trip really starts.

Fri 30 Jul
Lv Emeryville CA 8:55 AM Amt 6 California Zephry
Friday, Saturday nights: on train

Sun 2 Aug
Ar Chicago IL 3:50 PM
Spend night at Holiday Inn south of Union Station; check e-mail for first time in 3 days and hope computer doesn't explode from the backlog.

Mon 3 Aug
Museum of Science & Industry
Lv Chicago IL 9:00 PM Amt 48 Lake Shore Limited

Tue 4 Aug
Ar Schenectady NY 1:50 PM
Spend night at Holiday Inn Schenectady. Hope to have dinner with friends here, and possibly do some laundry if the hotel actually has a coin-op laundry as it claims to have.

Wed 5 Aug
Lv Schenectady NY 11:20 AM Amt 69 Adirondack
Ar Montreal QC 7:10 PM -- but more likely after 9 PM given the incessant border-crossing delays

While on the train, I will not be reachable by e-mail, and telephone may be dicey, as chunks of the route are away from the cell phone network.

In Montreal during Worldcon, I will be staying at Holiday Inn Select Centre-Ville diagonally opposite Palais des Congres from August 5-11, leaving on the morning of Wednesday, August 12.

Wed 12 Aug
Lv Montreal QC 9:30 AM Amt 68 Adirondack
Ar Schenectady NY 4:50 PM (and I hope not too much later than that)

Lv Schenectady NY 7:31 PM Amt 49 Lake Shore Limited

Thu 13 Aug
Ar Chicago IL 9:45 AM

Lv Chicago IL 3:15 PM Amt 3 Southwest Chief
Thursday, Friday nights on train

Sat 15 Aug
Ar Los Angeles CA 8:15 AM
Spend night at Holiday Inn downtown LA near Convention Center

Sun 16 Aug
Lv Los Angeles CA 10:15 AM Amt 14 Coast Starlight

Mon 17 Aug
Ar Salem OR 2:03 PM

I'll then work from Oregon on Tuesday-Friday before driving back to California. Presumably they will have repaired my van by the time I get back!
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