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My Worldcon Schedule

It appears that lots of people are publishing their Worldcon schedules, and I think I should do the same, particularly given some of the confusion in scheduling.

P- means the room is in the Palais des Congres. All of my items are in the Palais. I will probably always wish I could have agreed to use the Theatre in the Delta, even though it's too small and inconvenient to where I'm staying, but boy would it have been fun!

Thursday, 14:00, P-516AB. Introduction to WSFS Business Meeting
This item has no panelists scheduled for it and probably is a duplicate of the following item, but I reckon I'd better show up anyway and "do two shows" unless Programming does indeed cancel it and put something else into the space.

Thursday, 15:30, P-511D, Introduction to WSFS Business
Yes, there are two items in consecutive slots with the same topic. I am listed as a panelist on the second one.

Thursday, 17:00, P-510A, Wooden Train Building
In the Childrens' Programming Track, I get to play with Brio-type trains. Expect Lisa to be part of this as well. We'll have to hold ourselves back and let the kids actually play with things too.

Thursday, 18:00, P-518A, WSFS Mark Protection Committee Meeting
Not listed in the schedule due to some confusion about the item, this is the first of the two MPC meetings at the convention. (The other takes place after the last Business Meeting.) At this meeting the MPC makes any final changes to its report to WSFS and deals with anything that can't be handled through the committee e-mail list.

The Opening Ceremonies are Thursday at 20:00 in P-517ABC. I don't want to miss them. Besides, I need to stick around after to collect the Gavel of WSFS, which I use during the run of the convention.

Friday, 9:00, P-511D, Introduction to the World Science Fiction Society (Canceled)
This may or may not have been intended to be the same subject as the two items on the previous afternoon, but it's not practical to do it at this time and in a different room than the Business Meeting. I was thinking of making a sign that said the item was changed to a live-fire excercise in P-518BC at 10:00.

Friday, 10:00, P-518BC, WSFS Preliminary Business Meeting
The Preliminary Meeting deals with reports, nominations to the Mark Protection Committee, resolutions, technical scrutiny of new constitutional amendments, and setting up the agenda and debate time limits for the pending constitutional amendments. There will be at least one new piece of constitutional business submitted here, and such proposals can be killed without debate when they first come up at this meeting, so don't let the technical nature of the description make you think it's not important.

Friday, 14:00
There is a panel this afternoon on which I was initially scheduled as a participant, but from which I asked to be dropped for various reasons. I'm badly overbooked.

Friday, 20:00, P-518A, Match Game SF (Canceled)
As I posted earlier, this was the result of some schedule confusion and we're not going to do the show. Sorry!

Saturday, 10:00, P-518BC, WSFS Business Meeting
This is the Main Event, where the debate on the pending constitutional amendments, particularly the Semiprozine Hugo, will happen.

Saturday, 14:00, P-513A, Trains and Transit Systems
I'm guessing I must have not properly sent Lisa's program participant questionnaire or something like this, because she belongs on this panel with me. As I'm the only listed participant, I'm going to bring her up to the front as well. I'm not quite sure what we're actually going to discuss. Probably think of this as an hour sitting around chatting about trains and transit.

Sunday, 10:00, P-518BC, WSFS Business Meeting
Anything we didn't get done on Saturday comes here, but first we get the official results of Worldcon and NASFiC Site Selection. Later in the meeting we'll have Question Time for the other seated Worldcon, and presentations from future bidders. But at 11 AM, we'll have a break for...

Sunday, 11:00, P-518BC, Worldcon Chairs Photo Session
The traditional gathering of past, present, and future Worldcon Chairs for a photo shoot has typically happened during the "Old Pharts' Party" on the final night of the convention; however, many of the past Chairs have had to leave on the last day, and it's rare that the room in which the party has been held had the appropriate space. Besides, you need an invitation to that party. So I have been pushing to hold it during the day and earlier in the convention, and to make a better show of publicizing it. The place where the most former chairs tend to be at the con is the Business Meeting, so taking a break during the meeting for the photo shoot seems like the best choice, although it's less than convenient for the current Chairs and those former ones who don't attend the meeting.

Sunday, Sometime after the Business Meeting, Mark Protection Committee Meeting
This will probably happen after the Business Meeting and in the same place, rather than Monday afternoon.

Sunday, 20:00, P-517ABC, Hugo Awards Ceremony
I will be unveiling the results of the Hugo Awards Logo Contest during the ceremony.

Monday: In the unlikely event that the WSFS Business Meeting is unable to resolve all business before the end of the Sunday meeting -- something that hasn't happened in seventeen years -- there will be another Business Meeting on Monday morning, and if that happens, expect me to be a hard case about enforcing debate limits.

Monday, 16:00, P-517ABC, Closing Ceremony
I must return the Gavel of WSFS to the Chairs before this time so that they can deliver it to their successors.

This is a very busy schedule, and boy, am I glad I'm not sitting behind any group's tables or organizing any parties. And I'm also glad that I have a room in the Holiday Inn Select, which will put me probably as close as practical to the Palais' function space (as opposed to the exhibit space at the opposite end of the building). Yeah, I'll go to the Delta at night for parties, but for the quick trip back to the room during the day, it's nice to just be across the street.
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