Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bear With Me

Welcome travelswithkuma, where you can see reports on Kuma Bear's travels. Don't blame me if you go there and see nothing but cute stuffed bear photos.
Tags: kuma bear

  • Boosted

    This afternoon, Lisa and I went to Sparks for our COVID-19 Pfizer booster. As with the previous shots and our flu shots, all we have so far is minor…

  • One More Day

    Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting new business to the 2021 WSFS Business Meeting. Or, as I put it on Twitter earlier today, you have one more…

  • WSFS Work Accellerates

    The deadline for submitting proposals (and committee reports) to the WSFS Business Meeting is 30 days before the first meeting, which in this case…

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