Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Deja Vu

17:25: After our train arrived at the station, we decided to walk to the convention center, it being only a few blocks away. When we got there, we couldn't find Worldcon registration. There were signs for a cattlemen's convention, but nothing about Worldcon. Oh, that's right: that was last year.

We arrived at Denver with a huge layover due to the diversion through the faster Wyoming route, and when we got off the train, the crew said to be back no later than 19:45 for our 20:10 departure. As those who attended Denvention 3 may recall, Union Station is at one end of the 16th Street Mall. Lisa and I walked the length of the mall, getting much needed walking exercise (I later calculated that we walked some 5600 steps). We got a couple of Jamba Juices. We picked up a couple of Coca-Colas (Amtrak is a Pepsi shop) and Lisa bought some spare power connectors for some of her electronic gear at a Radio Shack.

We counted at least six Starbucks locations along the mall, and two Corner Bakery stores advertising free wi-fi. Had I taken my computer with me, I could have got online and worked through the most urgent of e-mails, but that would have left Lisa high and dry waiting on me. Besides, I needed the exercise.

19:30: We got back to our car with plenty of time to spare before they told us to be here. I fired up my computer and fished for internet access. There were four sources, one of which was open, but that one required a password once you connected. I didn't think it was wise to try running over to the nearest Starbucks with only fifteen minutes to spare. Besides, it was running with my laptop computer that may have damaged the other one to the point where it eats hard drives. So yes, I'll have to go more than 56 hours without internet access. Boo, hoo.
Tags: lisa, train, travel, work, worldcon

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