Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Business Meeting Page Updates

We're received some additional committee reports and accordingly updated the WSFS Business Meeting information on the Anticipation web site. This is the last of the reports we expected to receive and the final planned update before the convention.

The schedule of Business Meeting-Related Activities is:

Thursday, 18:00, P-518A: Mark Protection Committee Meeting
Friday, 10:00, P-518BC: Preliminary Business Meeting
Saturday, 10:00, P-518BC: First Main Business Meeting
Sunday, 10:00, P-518BC: Second Main Business Meeting (Site Selection)
Monday, 10:00, P-518BC: Third Main Business Meeting

The Mark Protection Committee will meet for a second time sometime after the Business Meeting adjourns sine die, either Sunday or Monday.

Although there usually is not a Business Meeting on Monday, there have been some rumblings of postponing consideration of the Best Graphic Story Hugo Award until a Monday meeting so that the meeting could have the benefit of seeing the detailed Hugo Awards nomination and voting results.
Tags: anticipation, business meeting, worldcon, worldcon09, wsfs
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