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Last night, I was fussing over our schedule for this morning when Lisa informed me that we didn't need to go out for breakfast because she'd backed a couple of lightweight bowls and some of my Glucerna cereal (four servings' worth) in an old coffee container so it wouldn't get crushed in her luggage. That made this morning a fair bit more restful.

In a little while, after we've cleaned up, we'll repack for tonight's train trip and then store our bag with the hotel before we head off to the Museum of Science and Industry. Our train doesn't leave until 21:00 tonight. Seeing the mob scene of people boarding other Amtrak trains, I'm really glad that there's a first-class "Metropolitan Lounge," and that sleeping-car passengers are invited aboard the Lake Shore Limited early. However, the early-boarding "reception" is only light snacks, so we'll need to get dinner before retrieving our bags from the hotel and geting back to the station

There is apparently wi-fi access at the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge at Union Station, so I may be able to get back online tonight sometime; otherwise, we're casting off again until tomorrow afternoon in Schenectady.
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