Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Welcome to Montreal

We got in to Montreal about 20:00, only about an hour late. I have lots of writing that I did on the train from Schenectady queued up, but am too sleeping to format the messages. Wednesday's travel will probably appear in a back-dated entry eventually. I hope.

We're moved in to our hotel. We have a mini-fridge -- my platinum upgrade worked! I have a free breakfast Thursday and also the final two mornings that I'm here. We went out to Chinatown around midnight for dinner -- several of the places here are open until 4 AM! -- but were so sleepy that we took our food to go and staggered back to the room. Sleep, must have sleep. Thursday is actually my busiest programming day.
Tags: anticipation, travel, worldcon09
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