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Hugo Awards Logo Unveiled

The Hugo Awards Ceremony last night started only a few minutes late. I had a front-row seat because, as one of the people making a presentation, they wanted me in an easily accessible location. Shortly after the ceremony started, Sean Wells came and escorted me backstage, and at the appropriate moment I came out and gave my speech explaining the contest and process, and unveiling the Hugo Logo Design Contest Winner. I only bobbled my speech once that I noticed. There was a minor glitch in the slides, I think, but only a minor one and I think they corrected it pretty quickly.

(Jumping ahead a bit: Initial responses to the new logo have been nice and positive. In a nice touch, Anticipation made wax seals using the new logo design and sealed the envelopes with the winners' names using the seals. This can be re-used in subsequent years, which I think is a good thing.)

Vince Docherty then escorted me from the stage, I went back out to my seat, and I thought all of my excitement for the night was done. Boy, was I wrong!
Tags: anticipation, hugo award, worldcon09

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