Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

In Training

We arrived in Chicago just before 10 AM on the Lake Shore Limited and are leaving on the 3:30 PM Southwest Chief for Los Angeles. Luckily for us, the LSL is among the earlier trains arriving at Union Station and thus we were able to score a quiet corner of the Metropolitan Lounge with power outlets. Lisa has been playing Locomotion and I've been dealing with the e-mail piled up in the last 30 hours.

Train trip down from Montreal was routine and uneventful. I slept through some of it, and I admit to not being the most sociable person when Andy Porter came down to chat. At Schenectady, we had a couple of hours, but not a whole lot to do, thanks to the downtown rolling up its sidewalks at 6 PM. Even the CVS store closed at 6, so we couldn't get some Coca-Cola (Amtrak is a Pepsi shop) and snacks.

The Lake Shore Limited arrived and departed "on the advertised." The Viewliner Bedroom is much better than the Roomette, and the shower compartment did not keep us awake squeaking. We dumped our bags in our compartment, went to the diner and ate, then went back to our room and made it up ourselves and went to sleep as soon as we could. Lisa had to do some creative extension-cord running in order for me to use my CPAP, as the only power outlet is over the sink, in an inconvenient location for use for anything other than electric razors.

I slept like a log, but woke up stiff as a board at Toledo the next morning as I had inadvertently left the air conditioning on at full-blast. Lisa similarly work up with a cold-induced leg cramp. And speaking of cold, I discovered to my dismay that the shower compartment didn't have any hot water at any setting. Brr!

It really was a pretty uneventful trip to Chicago, so I have no funny stories. And now that I've cleared the worst of my backlog, we're going to store our bags for a while and go find lunch and stores that are open.
Tags: amtrak, lisa, trains, travel

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