Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Morning 19: Heading North

Our train for Oregon leaves at 10:15 this morning, and first class passengers are invited to a pre-departure reception at the Traxx Lounge -- there's no Metropolitan Lounge at LAUPT -- starting at 8:45 AM. I got up at 6 to check mail again, and we are now pretty much packed with an hour before we need to leave. Although we could walk back to the Red Line station, our luggage is sufficiently heavy that we'll probably be lazy and take a taxi to Union Station instead.

I somehow got it into my head yesterday that we'd be passing near BASFA's meeting location during the meeting, but I realized this morning that I'd dropped a day from my calculations. We'll be passing through the Bay Area -- and within about 500 meters of my apartment at one point -- tonight, not Monday. We get back to Salem sometime Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning I have to be back to work (from Lisa's father's house).

So for one last time, I need to shift into "train" configuration with my baggage, trying to put anything I won't need on the trip into my big bag to keep my in-compartment load down to just my small overnight bag and my computer backpack. I could check my large luggage to Salem, but Lisa doesn't want to have to wait around for an extra half-hour at Salem while they sort out baggage claim, and since we're boarding at the train's origin, we should be able to fit the bag into the luggage rack. Besides, the big bag is 2-3 kg overweight when fully loaded, but nobody is likely to say anything about it if I'm the only one who handles it.

I don't remember how the Coast Starlight trainsets are oriented, but Lisa hopes that the bedrooms face left as the train goes north, so we'll get the nice views along the coast. I rather expect we'll spend a lot of time today in either the Pacific Parlor Car if it's on the train or in the Sightseer Lounge.

Aside from the odd Tweet, I don't expect to be online again until sometime late Monday, or possibly not until Tuesday morning. And boy do I have a lot of things piled up to do.
Tags: amtrak, lisa, trains, travel

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