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2009 Preliminary Business Meeting Video Posted

The video of the 2009 Preliminary WSFS Business Meeting held Friday, August 7, at Anticipation is now online. If you have difficulty viewing the video through Vimeo's online viewer, you can download the video (WMV format) to your machine using the link in the lower right corner of the video's web page.

Due to Vimeo's upload limitations, the Main Business Meeting will not be posted until next week.

The Preliminary Business Meeting includes reports from WSFS committees, consideration of resolutions such as extensions of eligibility for the Hugo Awards, first consideration of new constitutional amendments (two were proposed; one morphed into a non-binding resolution and the other was killed by Objection to Consideration), and setting initial debate time limits for items to be discussed at the Main Business Meeting.

While the bare summary of what the PBM may sound boring, there were some parliamentary fireworks at Friday's meeting. Indeed, I would suggest that from a meeting-watcher's point of view, Friday's PBM was probably more interesting than the Main Meeting on Saturday. It was, however, more stressful for Your Humble Chairman, although he was mostly ready for everything that happened that day.
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