Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Up On The Roof Again

Yesterday, after knocking off from the Day Job, Lisa and I started work on this summer's Big Project: the Old House Roof, again. I've talked about this before several times, and the Mehama Flickr Set starts off with photos from last year's encounter with That Darn Roof. We have only the rest of this week before I leave for California on Saturday, so we have to move as fast as we can.

Tuesday afternoon's job was to move into place the yard tractor and John Deere mower to use as anchors for the safety rope and to get the two ladders into place, more or less as shown in the photo set above, although this time they're a bit to the left because that's the piece of roof needing attention first. Also, we had to run up and buy some lathe from the lumber yard in Mill City because this year's plan is to nail strings of lathe to the roof, then attach plastic to the lathe using a staple gun. With luck, this time it won't blow away in a windstorm like last year's patch.

After hauling the heavy rope over the roof using the light line, Lisa kitted up in climbing harness and we wrestled the longer of the two ladders into place. We had to stop and trim away brush from the side of the house to get enough room to put the ladder into the place we wanted it. She then went up the ladder and got the loops in the safety rope where she wanted them. Then she (with some help from me) hauled the short ladder up onto the roof and secured it where it needs to go for her to start setting lathe strips in place tomorrow.

Some of you may recall last year's roof work, where Lisa taped and stapled plastic over the worst of the holes and around the chimney. This was the plastic that blew away in the huge winter windstorms. While Lisa was around the chimney, she looked on top of it and laughed. "I wondered where this went," she said, and held up the roll of tape she'd used to wrap the chimney. Wind storms violent enough to drop large tree branches around us, and that roll of tape had sat where she left it for a year.

After three hours of this preparation work, Lisa was worn out. So was I, and I mainly was just standing on the ground watching and occasionally pulling on ropes and holding ladders. She came down from the roof and collapsed into a bath while I went and got elk-burgers from the Gingerbread House restaurant here in Mehama.

The bad news is that we don't have nearly enough time as we would like to do this work. The good news is that what we did yesterday -- setting up the ladders and ropes -- is probably the most difficult piece of the job, and we could simply leave the stuff in place overnight and get back to work on it this afternoon after I'm done for the day.
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