Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

That Darn Roof Again

Lisa spent a lot of time on That Darn Roof today, and I've taken plenty of footage of her work, but haven't had the time to edit it all together. She got two large strips of polyester roof-patch fabric stapled to the roof covering the worst of the damaged sections during the afternoon. As the light began to fade, she applied two gallons of roof-sealing goop. The instructions said that should have been enough, but the instructions lie, and we ran out with only about 70% covered. We'd intended to spend tomorrow morning putting ladders away, but it looks like we'll need to be up and at the hardware store first thing tomorrow morning to buy two more cans of goop to make sure the holes are covered.

After Lisa climbed down from the roof, I helped her out of her safety harness, and she sent me over to the Gingerbread House for elk-burgers. While I collected the food, Lisa refueled my van from the household fuel tank and put the boxes of Match Game SF material into the van, which will help tomorrow as I pack up. Also, I'm only going as far as Central Point OR tomorrow, but that's still a couple hundred miles, so I can't stay here on the computer all night trying to get caught up again.
Tags: household, lisa, mehama, roof

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