Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Roofers R Us

The question of whether we'd get one or two more gallons of roof goop for the final session of roof work was solved for us when we went over to the hardware store just after it opened this morning: they only had one gallon left. We bought it and went back to the house and Lisa kitted up for the final time, went up on the roof again, and spread that gallon of roof sealant ("It stinks!" she complained) as best she could with the long-handled roller. She could have used a longer handle, and there are pieces of the roof cover fabric that are not as well coated as she would have liked.

I took a lot of video, but have no time to edit it together into a short summary of what happened. However, if you want to see what the resulting patch looks like, click through the cut below.

The light wasn't great for photos this morning, but the conditions were a little less harsh on Lisa. After finishing off the goop, she tossed down the empty cans and other things that could be thrown from multiple stories up without harm, lowered the more sensitive things on the ropes, and then slowly lowered the roof ladder to the ground. She then worked her way down the safety line, being careful as always to always have at least one connection tied off and came down the tall ladder. She untied the safety rope from the lawn tractor to which it was tied and undid the loops in it, then I spooled it back onto its holder. She got out of her safety harness and the two of us took down the ladders and carried them back to the garage on the other side of the property. Then she used the John Deere lawn mower to tow the lawn tractor (which has a burnt-out clutch and can't move on its own power -- we were basically using it as an anchor) back to the garage with me perched on the mower steering while she towed.

That left mainly just the pile of hand tools, brushes, rollers, and suchlike used during this week's Roof Madness. Lisa sent me over to get cleaned up while she put this stuff away.

In a few minutes, I'm shutting down the computer and packing everything away, with the hope of getting on the road by 1 PM bound for Central Point.
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