Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Canada Post Comes Through, Sort Of

As I mentioned a few days ago, we mailed three boxes of our own stuff back to ourselves from Montreal, but they hadn't arrived as of Friday. I was resigned to Lisa having to re-mail them to me or possibly bring them down in October if she gets to attend SiliCon. This morning, while Lisa and I were working on the roof, the owner of the hardware store in which Mehama's post office is located came looking for us -- it's that kind of a small town, and Lisa's father's property is right over the back fence from his store; besides, we're good customers. He wanted to let us know that the boxes had arrived.

After we finished the yard work and I went to get a shower, Lisa went and collected the boxes. Well, two of them. One of them hasn't arrived yet, even though we mailed all three of them at the same time. Fortunately, the two that did arrive were the ones that mostly had my stuff in them, and the one that's stuck in transit somewhere is mostly Lisa's stuff. She got her things out of the two boxes and put them in the back of my van.
Tags: montreal, travel, worldcon09

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