Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Defeated by Luxury

The fantasy of getting up and hitting the road early that formed in my head when I briefly awoke at 5 AM ran aground on the rocks of a comfortable bed and large hotel room, and I fell back asleep for a couple of more hours. (Pity about that; turns out that the hotel TV has Speed Channel and I could have watched the F1 race. It's so unusual for a hotel to carry Speed that I hadn't bothered checking last night.) Anyway, I've thoroughly over-eaten at the included breakfast bar and am getting ready to check out and head south. Tonight I should be back in Fremont after almost exactly a month traveling. If it had been any longer, I would have had to re-issue my mail hold; as it is, I dread going to pick up the held mail tomorrow morning, as they may need a forklift to deliver it all.
Tags: travel
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