Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Time Shifted

I woke up just before 4:30 AM this morning in order to watch the Formula 1 GP from Belgium. I enjoyed the race, and amazingly, after a couple of cups of coffee, didn't feel sleepy enough to go back to bed after the race, so instead I pulled myself together and walked over to Union City and had breakfast at Hometown Buffet, then walked back the long way through Quarry Lakes Park. I figured that making a 10 km round-trip walk sort of "paid" for the big buffet breakfast, and my blood sugar level seemed to agree with me.

When I got home, things caught up with me, and I found myself dozing most of the afternoon away, with the first the championship of the Little League World Series and then the Giants-Rockies game playing in the background. All in all it was a non-productive, slow day, but I've needed a few of those for a while now.
Tags: diabetes

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