Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Great Seats, Terrible Result

I took the train up to San Francisco, catching an early express out of San Carlos. I must have fallen asleep, because the subjective travel time was something like five minutes before we pulled into the terminal at 4th & King Streets. I had lots of time to get down to the park, get some dinner, and eat it at my leisure from my seat before enough people came in to fill up the area around me.

My seat was in lower section 107, row 27, seat 10. I was pretty much looking right down on first base looking toward second, with a great view. The weather was just about perfect -- cool, but not so cold as to need a jacket. It was a great night for baseball.

Except the Giants lost. They couldn't generate offense, and when they did, such as when they had runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, they couldn't score. (In that case, they had three straight batters strike out.)

Lots of people started leaving around the 8th inning, but I was going to stay until the end. The post-game express leaves 15 minutes after last pitch, and the last time I left early in a no-hope game, the Giants came back to tie it up and I sat on the train through extra innings.

The Giants almost managed to come back from a 4-0 deficit in the bottom of the ninth, scoring three runs and having the tying run on 3rd base with two outs, but it wasn't enough and the Giants lost to the Rockies 4-3. The Colorado Rockies extend their lead over the Giants and are making it extremely difficult for the Giants to make post-season play.

Heading out of the park, I had a bit of a mishap with a fellow pulling a little cart behind him. He cut right in front of me and I tripped over his cart, going sprawling on the very hard concrete sidewalk. Several people, including a couple of police officers, said, "Are you okay?"

I said, "I will be in just a minute," with my face on the ground, "Give me a moment to recover." I pushed myself up, feeling a stab of pain in my right knee, and examined my palms, which I thought had taken the brunt of the fall. "Look, didn't even draw blood," I joked, and hobbled away, not wanting to miss my train.

As I neared the train station, the feeling of wetness from my right knee put the lie to my claim of not having been bloodied. But getting my trouser leg pulled up wasn't possible, and it didn't seem that serious, so it would have to wait until getting home.

I just barely made my train -- the "doors closing" chime sounded just as I boarded -- and it was a pretty quick trip back to San Carlos, from where I drove home, stopping for gas along the way.

When I got home just before midnight, I was able to get out of my slacks and examine the damage to my knee. There's a good-sized scrape there, but nothing serious, I think. I cleaned it thoroughly, spread ointment on it and put a bandage over it, and put stain remover on the small blood stain on my pants, which fortunately are black and don't show the stain anyway. Bet I'll be a bit bruised in the morning, though.
Tags: baseball, health, trains

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