Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No Leak... But No Water, Either

The condo unit in which I live is managed by Company A, but the condominium complex as a whole is managed by Company M. Company A does all plumbing work with a particular plumbing contractor, while Company M has a single plumbing company for the entire complex. The complex plumbers know the oddities of the piping in these buildings, including the fact that you often have to shut off water to the entire building in order to do anything at all to any of the units. The "local" plumber rarely bothers to check with the "complex" plumber before doing anything.

I found a slow leak under the kitchen sink and called the unit management a few days ago. They sent a plumber today. He "fixed" the leak -- the faucet on the sink was corroded out, apparently -- but can't reconnect the new fixture without shutting down the whole building. When he called the complex management, they told him that this requires 48 hours notice, and weekends do not count, which means that the water is now turned off to my kitchen, including the dishwasher, until Monday.

I am Not Happy at all about this. How am I supposed to eat? I guess I'll have to carry water from the bathroom to the kitchen or something like that. I guess I'll get by, but it's extremely frustrating.
Tags: household

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