Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Box Set

Back when I ran Site Selection at Costume-Con 26, the convention bought a large ballot box. It was overkill for CC's small election, but it is good for Worldcon, and I carried it to Denver for use at site selection at the 2008 Worldcon. Anticipation needed two ballot boxes (one for NASFiC), and Glenn Glazer arranged to buy another, smaller box for NASFiC and shipped the larger box out to Montreal. The boxes made their way back to Glenn, and he has given them to me for safekeeping.

Like those Russian nesting dolls, there are actually four boxes: 1. Outer cardboard shipping box. 2. Inner cardboard storage box. 3. Large plastic ballot box, including bracket suitable for holding a US-letter-sized sign (landscape orientation). 4. Small plastic ballot box. All the empty space is filled with loose paper and other dunnage so things do not rattle around. Glenn also included a couple of small combination locks used for securing the boxes' lids. I reset the locks to the default 000 combination in the hope that they'll still be usable when we next need them.

This afternoon, I rearranged my storage locker to make room for this box o' boxes. I have advised next year's Westercon and the 2011 Worldcon that ballot boxes are handled, as long as we don't forget that they're stored in a closet in Fremont, California. I expect to drive to Westercon next year and Worldcon the year after that, so I should be able to bring the appropriate box to each convention. Aussiecon Four can fend for itself -- paying to ship an empty box across the Pacific isn't a good use of resources.
Tags: site selection, westercon, worldcon

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