Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Show Prepartions Continue

I printed the questions for our Match Game SF show at SiliCon. Thank you to everyone who contributed questions. We'll need more, because plans call for a show at Westercon next July as well. (For Norwescon, we'll probably re-use much of the SiliCon material.) Tomorrow, I hope to finish the commercials and print them along with the intro, prize package inserts, gift certificates, and closing title information. It's all of these fiddly bits that make my life complicated and that can't

700 miles north, preparations at Tsuki Systems are underway to get all of the gear packed before Lisa and Kuma head south for an arrival sometime on Friday. Lisa has new equipment that she was testing and configuring. travelswithkuma has details and pictures.
Tags: match game, silicon

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