Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Think I've Done This One Before

It's even less impressive than it looks, thanks to how much area Canada takes up:

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Note that I only transited New Zealand and didn't go groundside on my way back from Aussiecon Three, so that probably doesn't count. Mexico was a couple hours one afternoon during the El Paso Westercon. And the map treats all of a country, including big ones like Canada and the USA, as a single entity. I've been to about 2/3 of the US states, four Canadian provinces (the four that have hosted Westercons and Worldcons), and one Australian state.

If it weren't for Worldcon, I expect the count would be even lower.

Thanks to king_espresso for reminding me that this map exists.

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