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Technology Saves Me a PTO Day

Yesterday, I felt the symptoms of a cold moving in. Today I felt worse, but I was still ambulatory. A year or two ago, I would have dragged myself into the office. Today, I e-mailed in that I'd work from home. I was even able to turn around a couple of easy analysis requests that had arrive overnight within a short time. I'm now working on a more complicated request, but it's achievable by the end of today, and I don't have to spend two hours commuting back and forth between here and San Mateo.

Last September, our office moved from Redwood Shores to San Mateo. The new office is physically much nicer than the old one, and we all have a lot more room and are more comfortable. However, I'm not the only one who is working from home more often. That extra five miles further away (and at least ten minutes' extra drive time) is making several of us work from home more often if our jobs can be done that way.

Besides, it saves me about $8 worth of fuel and a $3 bridge toll.

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