Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Roof Results

As I wrote a few days ago, Lisa went up on the roof of the old house this past weekend to apply more roof-covering material.

Here's what it looked like after applying two more sheets of roof-wrap (at the left in this photo) and covering it with sealant. Alas, there wasn't enough time (and Lisa was too worn out) to apply a third sheet that would cover the gap between the two currently-covered sections. We need another several rain-free days in a row before Lisa can go back up there again to put more sheets down and cover-and-seal more sections. Alas, there are still holes and still water coming in when it rains.

Lisa had a terribly close call while working on this section. She works wearing an OSHA-approved safety harness with two safety lines that clip to the master rope. That rope is massively over-spec'd for her weight, so that's not a concern. Normal procedure for moving around is to unclip one safety line from the rope, clip to a different tie-off, then move the other clip. Near the end of the day on Sunday, with fatigue setting in, Lisa did the first disconnect and missed re-clipping in, but didn't realized that she'd missed. She then unclipped the second line and reached to clip it on the new tie-off. At that point, she realized that the first line was off-rope and that she was on zero safety lines while standing on a steeply-pitched rickety roof. She quickly tied off both lines and sat down for a minute while trying to get her legs to stop shaking.

This was a very dangerous mistake. She could easily have slipped off the roof at that point and fallen nearly three stories to the ground, with nothing to break her fall save some bushes. And with me only semi-mobile my main job would have been to call 911. (Fortunately, the local fire department is only a few hundred meters from the house and response time would have been quick, but we'd rather not have to test it.) This was a sign that she needed to finish for the day -- even if there was still sunlight remaining (there was not), she was clearly too fatigued to continue working safely. She finished what she was doing at the moment and got down from the roof as soon as she safely could do so.
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