Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Say Wow!

Tuesday was Lisa and my wedding anniversary. Between my back injury, her ear noise, and the amount of other errands and chores we've had to do, our present to each other was to spend a quiet night at home. We did have presents for each other. A list of Traditional Anniversary Gifts says that for one's 13th anniversary, gifts of lace or furs would be appropriate. We ignored that. Photos follow.

I gave Lisa this copy of this big train atlas, and here Kuma Bear shows how big the book is relative to such a little bear.

After opening her present, Lisa gave me a gift-wrapped box, and I can definitely say that when I opened it, I said, "Wow!"

Yes, it is indeed a box of ShamWow. Lisa doesn't watch much broadcast TV, and therefore hadn't seen the Annoying ShamWow Guy until she was at a convention with me and had the television on in the hotel room.

We are both happy with our respective presents.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa

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