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Bay Area ConStruction

SFSFC has organized several conferences on local SF convention running under the name "ConStruction." This year's edition will be July 15-16, 2006 at the San Jose Hilton. Information about about ConStruction 2006 is now available on the SFSFC web site ConStruction page.

I note that CS2006 feels obligated to call itself "A Conference for Event Planners of Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Anime Conventions," presumably because people who organize anime conventions don't think SF conventions are anything like their events, and that fantasy conventions are completely unlike horror conventions. I understand wanting to be inclusive; I just think it unfortunate that there would be a perception that these four categories of convention would be sufficiently different from each other than people would think there is nothing to learn from each other. To me "SF convention" is a blanket term that covers all of that ground, but I'm obviously decaying into old-fogeydom, as the exchange a while back on the Con-Version BBS about what a "general interest science fiction convention" was.
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