Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Am Home. Am Ded.

Lisa took me into PDX Airport rather than dropping me at the light rail station, for which I am grateful. I did something I almost never do -- paid the $4 SmarteCarte rental. I needed it, to avoid as much as possible carrying my luggage.

Riding in a coach airline seat -- particularly the little ones in a Horizon CRJ-700 -- is not a good thing to be doing when you're trying to recover from a back injury. I was never really able to get comfortable. I feel sorry for the poor woman next to me as I kept wriggling around trying to equalize the pain on my spine.

Arriving at OAK, I let everyone else off in front of me, then slowly limped out of the plane. I couldn't find any loose Cartes, and by the time I got to a dispenser I was already down near Baggage Claim. It took me so long to limp down to Baggage Claim that all of the bags had gone and I had to show ID at the Baggage Service Office to get mine. At least they hadn't gone home for the night. Possibly I should have asked for a wheelchair assist.

I slowly made my way to the AirBART bus and rode to Coliseum Station, then limped across the street to the Amtrak station. The Capitol ran about ten minutes late, and it was a relatively uneventful ride back to Fremont. Lifting my 47-pound piece of luggage in and out of buses and trains, along with my 20-pound backpack and briefcase, was an unhappy adventure. And walking home from the train station, which normally is a ten-minute brisk walk, turned into a 30-minute trudge.

Things weren't done. There was no food in the house, so I ordered a pizza, then walked -- slowly -- down to the corner market to get a bit of milk and pick up the pizza, then back to the apartment. I'll be very happy to get to bed in a few minutes.

Although the bad muscle aches are now gone, I feel all of the symptoms of the pinched nerve I had a couple of years ago, including the pain down my right leg. It will get better, with rest, but it's not an easy thing, and it's going to be very difficult to stay comfortable while my back continues to heal.
Tags: health, lisa, travel

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