Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back to Back

There turns out to be a chiropractor with an office only a block away from my apartment in Fremont -- about the same distance away as the one in Mehama is from our trailer there. They were able to fit me in for an appointment this afternoon and I went over for an evaluation.

The chiropractor is Dr. Rishi Shahani, and he did a thorough orthopedic evaluation, including x-rays of my spine. My back being not too painful this afternoon -- consistent with the morning pain before I get it stretched out -- he didn't do any physical therapy today. However, tomorrow morning he'll have the x-rays done and expects to work out what, if anything, he can do for my back. Except for the specific pain, I'm in pretty good shape, with none of the various danger signs for other sorts of injuries.

Of course, I'm always optimistic in the evening because my back has had the full day to stretch out. I dread tomorrow morning, when it probably will have seized up again.

So it's back to the doctor in the morning. It's just as well in some ways that it's at 10:30. The planned plumbing work for today was put off for another day, and so I'll have no water from 9:30 onward on Wednesday. I might as well be somewhere else.
Tags: health

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