Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Watery Sunday Morning at WFC

This morning at the World Fantasy Convention, we showed up to discover that a pipe from the swimming pool on the 4th floor had broken and was sending water down through a service stairwell in between the registration area and where the dealers' room is. Despite what at least one person Tweeted, the ballroom was not "flooded." Some water dripped along one wall of the Dealers' Room. No dealers' tables or stock were damaged, but the convention staff moved their tables away from the area along the wall where the drip was coming down and where water was soaking the carpet. There were a couple of very interesting indoor waterfalls on the ground floor which I filmed and videoed; however, for some reason my camera refuses to connect to my computer this morning, so the pictures may have to wait until I get home.

This is a minor annoyance, but not a catastrophe by any means. There's some disruption in the Dealers' Room, but as far as we can tell, everything else, including the Banquet this afternoon, will continue as scheduled.
Tags: world fantasy con
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