Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home Again

I was in no particular hurry this morning, so after a fairly leisurely breakfast and packing, it was back on the road to head back to Fremont. Traffic was a breeze. Even with a rest stop at Vacaville, it took less than three hours to get back home. There was heavy traffic going the other way while traversing Fairfield, though. Even with five lanes, that stretch of road didn't have enough capacity.

I was wearing a shirt that is covered with diesel locomotives of various sorts in a bunch of fallen-flag railroad paint schemes. As I was coming out of the restroom, one of the people who operates the miniature railroad on the Nut Tree grounds, wearing traditional steam-railroad engineer gear, commented on my shirt: "What, no steam trains?"

I said, "If they had one, I'd be all-electric." He had no answer for that.

Three hours driving isn't much. I've made much longer trips. At need, I could have avoided any hotel nights at all, doing Thanksgiving as an out-and-back trip on Thursday. But even taking things easy, I found myself feeling completely beat when I got home. I fell into bed and napped for 90 minutes or so. I'm still feeling pretty groggy. To those of you at SorcererCon this weekend: Sorry, but I'm spending the weekend dead (mostly) for rest purposes. I'll have to go out a couple of times (I forgot to buy a larger memory card for my camera when I got the new hard drive, and I'll need more storage if I'm to record the Fannish Inquisition, for instance), but otherwise, I really want to rest this weekend before the marathon ahead of me in December.
Tags: travel

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