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Should Have Taken That Nap

Had I realized that NBC's prime-time Olympic coverage last night was going to spend so much time on the men's Halfpipe Snowboarding, I would have gone to bed early and set an alarm for midnight so I could watch the opening round of Curling.

I should not have been surprised. After all, Americans dominate the "hot dog" snow sports -- all sports that I would toss out of the Games if I managed them.

Downhill skiing was good, and I really don't care whether an American won or not. The bit of drama with the last-second changing of skis suggests that the Americans were not all that sure of themselves, and that equipment really makes a difference, as USA alpine skier Daron Rahlves had what looked to be a fine run down the hill but was nearly two seconds slower than the leader and finished tenth. Controversial Bode Miller came fifth.

Short-track ice skating has a fair bit of excitement, considering that the racers are so close to disaster, such as the slip that prevented Apolo Ohno from advancing to the final of the 1500m event.

For some reason, curling seems fascinating to me. It's clearly trickier than it might first appear. I watched the first part of the USA-Norway match, but it was almost 1 AM and I had to get some sleep.

As with the previous Summer Games, most of the really interesting coverage is going to be on the late night show. I don't expect to get much sleep these next two weeks, except for Friday-Sunday, when I'm going to be in Oregon. Lisa doesn't even have a broadcast TV in the house. She has lots of video monitors and equipment, and plenty of videos. We've got enough material to set up our own version of Big Time Television out there in the woods of rural Oregon. And I bet we have enough radio equipment there to set it up, too; we could put the transmitter up on McAuley Mountain, where the local radio club's repeater that Lisa sometimes helps maintain is located.
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