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A Kuma Bear Christmas

Because we had to be in Portland and deal with doctors and hospitals on Christmas Eve, then fight our way through malls, grocery stores, and Fry's, we weren't feeling particularly festive; however, Lisa got the little Christmas tree decorated. travelswithkuma has most of the Christmas coverage including photos of him with his presents.

As I got Kuma Bear some little non-skid socks for Christmas, it's only fair that he got me some warm socks as well. And I don't sneeze at those kinds of presents, for it has been cold and damp here in Mehama, and it's going to be even colder when I go back to Columbus, which I'm going to have to do the Monday after New Year's day.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, there's not rain or snow forecast for today and the weekend, just cold and fog, so that means we get to spend these three days rigging up ropes and ladders so that Lisa can get up on the roof and get that fallen tree cut down. Wish us luck.
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