Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Foiled by Frost

Job 1 today was actually to replace the plastic sheeting that covers the scaffolding that shelters the trailer. A portion of it blew off several weeks ago. Aside from the cold, we really couldn't ask for better weather for unfolding a large sheet of plastic and draping it over the frame: not a breath of wind. It was cold, though, and the plastic was slightly reluctant to drape properly. Lisa got up on the roof of the trailer and laid out the plastic while I grabbed it at the ends under her direction. She then came down and stapled it to the boards that run along each side, and then cut off the loose bits.

Next task planned was to put plastic sheeting over the roof gap. Lisa put on her safety harness, we got the safety rope moved into proper position and tied off safely, and Lisa went up on the roof with a broom, intending to sweep debris before laying down the sheet. As soon as she stepped off the ladder, however, she lost her footing on the icy roof. The north-facing roof is catching absolutely no sunshine at this time of the year, and even though it was a brilliant sunny day, the air temperatures never went much above freezing, and thus the roof stayed icy all day.

Admitting defeat, Lisa tossed the broom off the roof and climbed back down. We hauled the ropes down, put away the John Deere mower and lawn tractor that we use as the rope anchors, stowed the ladder, and considered what to do next. (Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to wait until spring before we can do anything else about that roof. I say unfortunately because it's still leaking rather badly.) Given that the John Deere mower may not run again until spring, Lisa filled it fuel tank and we put some Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer into it so that it's more likely to start again in a few months.

There were still a couple of hours of daylight remaining, and given that tomorrow's forecast calls for rain to move back in, it seemed a shame to not do something, so Lisa got out the electric chainsaw and we cut another couple of meters off of the old telephone pole. (The photo is from earlier this year, and note that the burn barrel is not being used to incinerate the creosote-soaked pole -- you should shouldn't burn those things anyway.

The sun sets early, of course, and just before sunset, we called it a day for the outside work. We got a lot done today, although not being able to get anything done on the old house is a bit disappointing to say the least.
Tags: lisa, mehama

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