Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


When I learned that I'd be on the road for two weeks more than I originally expected -- the original plan was for me to take the train back to the Bay Area this coming Saturday -- one of the first things I did was take stock of the various medications I take for high blood pressure and to raise (yes, raise) my cholesterol level. I have enough of those with me. What I did not remember to pack was an extra vial of diabetes test strips, and I'm going to run out by this weekend. This isn't life-threatening, but it's very annoying, as testing twice a day allows me to adjust my diet and exercise better. I could buy more strips out of pocket, but they are very expensive -- about $1 each. I'm going to contact my insurance and find out if it I have any recourse or might be able to be reimbursed for an extra purchase.
Tags: diabetes, work

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