Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hugo Award Recommendations

For the past few years, members of the Bay Area Science Fiction Association have gathered to discuss their recommendations for the Hugo Awards, and these recommendations have been included within the Emerald City Hugo Recommendations List. Last night was the last of three nights of formal discussions, and the results are now incorporated into the EmCit list.

The EmCit list, like all of the others such as the NESFA list, is not official. You can write to cherylmorgan yourself and add your own recommendations, whether or not you're eligible to nominate for this year's Hugo Awards. Indeed, Cheryl encourages you to write and add things. The number of people participating has been declining of late, and we need to prove that it's still worthwhile compiling these lists. I know I find them very helpful when it comes time to fill out my ballot.
Tags: hugo awards

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