Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Splats and Oops

As I did not have to go into the office today -- although I do have to get work done today -- and the housekeeper wanted me to get out of the room so he could clean it, I went out on an errand about Noon. I had a 35% off discount coupon from Borders that was good this weekend only, and the weather was dry (albeit foggy), I decided to go ahead and drive up to the nearest one, located in North Columbus. I picked out a book, resisted the urge to buy more books about trains, particularly hardcovers (I have to worry about weight coming back next weekend), and headed out to the car.

Looking across the street, I spied a Walgreen's. There's something I wanted to see if they might have -- the one near my hotel doesn't, but different stores sometimes carry different items -- so I stashed my book in the rental car and headed to the corner to cross the street. To do this requires walking on the grass, for (like way too many places) these parking lots are designed with no connection between the parking areas and the sidewalks.

As I made my way down the slight slope, I lost my footing and went splat on the snow-spattered muddy grass. I was more surprised than hurt, and popped back up right away, but I had a bunch of mud down the right side of my slacks and jacket. And I also popped a seam along the right side of my slacks because of the way on which I fell on my keys in my pocket. Darn it! After weeks of being in Columbus, and slogging around in the ice and snow, this was the first time I completely lost my footing.

Anyway, I cleaned myself off as best as I could, went over to Walgreen's (which, thankfully, did have a paved path between the sidewalk and their store), didn't find was looking for, and headed back to the car without incident.

I drove back south in a leisurely fashion, along US-33 Riverside Road and through downtown Columbus, before picking up US-40 in Bexley, then looping around to I-70 back to US-33 and down to Canal Winchester, where I had lunch at my "usual" Waffle House before heading back to the hotel.

What's the Oops? Well, I realized while driving around that today is Lisa's birthday, and that I hadn't even sent her a card, let alone a present. I've been so immersed in my work that almost nothing else has entered my mind. I tried calling, but Lisa's sleep schedule is essentially random due to tinnitus, and she leaves the ringer off most of the time. Bad Kevin.
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