Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Regarding Anonymous Comments

Because I have attracted anonymous unsigned replies lately, it's time for me to restate my existing policy: It is my general policy to not allow anonymous and unsigned posts through. You don't need an LJ account to post replies, but if you are not an LJ user, you must sign your anonymous posts; I'll unscreen them when I get a chance. There is a place for anonymity, but most of the drive-by anonymous posters to this journal are either robots or cowards, and I have no time for either of them.

Note that although this is my general policy, I reserve the right to make exceptions arbitrarily and using my own judgment. This is my journal and I get to make my own rules. People who yell "free speech" are welcome to go set up their own journals. "Free speech" does not mean you get to come in and trash other people's homes.
Tags: policy

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