Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Match Game Planning: Norwescon

I turned in some required documentation to Norwescon today for our Match Game SF show planned for this year. We're in a room that's slightly smaller than last year but still much bigger than the tiny place we had to work the year before. I asked Lisa today what her technial requirements were, and she said, "Electrical outlets," because she's now managed to put together everything she needs to stage the show technically: microphones, speakers, mixer, cables, etc.

Now we need to put together the panel: Once I've managed to tie down the "returning regulars" (dinogrl, are you coming to NWC and do you want to be a panelist again?), I can ask NWC Programming to send me some panelists from the general participant pool.

We do have a promise of a membership to next year's Norwescon for the prizes, and we still have a lot of stuff from Night Shade Books, who have proven to be a wonderful sponsor. I guess we do need to look into refilling the BASFA Grab Bag o' Stuff, though, for Lovely Parting Gifts.

The most-urgent stuff for MGSF that I need to get done in the next couple of weeks is pack up the heavy, bulky stuff to carry up to Oregon with me when I drive up there on Feburary 13.
Tags: match game, norwescon

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