Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Life as Slapstick Comedy

After getting out of the shower this morning, I reached for the big bottle of Gold Bond powder, which was nearly empty. While shaking it to estimate how much might be left in the container, I accidentally squeezed it while it was pointing in my face.


Now I had a face full of mentholated talcum powder, some of it in my eyes, which is painful, and I was flailing around in a cloud of talc.


Half-blinded by the powder, I needed to clear the air so I could breathe, and so I opened the bathroom door to let more air in. The cloud of post-shower steam plus talcum powder shot out the door and up, where it encountered the hallway smoke detector.

*EEEEEEEEE* went the detector, whether from the steam or the talc, I don't know, but now I had a smoke detector going, I could barely see what I was doing, and I've just come out of the shower.

Fortunately, that's only a local smoke alarm, not a building-wide one. I was able to clear my eyes, grab my robe, get a step-stool, and disable the smoke alarm until the dust settled. No harm done in the end, but it was a pretty silly predicament.
Tags: household

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