Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Trade Show Bear

While I've been working very long hours trying to get as much done as I can before I head north toward Oregon Friday afternoon, travelswithkuma and Lisa went to the annual video trade show in Portland that they've been attending for many years. travelswithkuma posted a trip report earlier this evening, which now includes photos.

I have run out of time to sort the Match Game SF stuff to decide what to move north now and what to leave here. I'm going to have to take it all north with me and we can sort it out there, with me carrying back the stuff I don't want or need to store in Oregon for use at Norwescon. It's inefficient, but the hours I'm working at the Day Jobbe don't allow for anything more. Indeed, it's going to be difficult to spare the time it will take to drive north. Instead of driving, I should be spending another twelve to sixteen hours on various work projects, working yet again around the weekend. Sigh.
Tags: kuma bear

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